What is Mix-Off.com?

Mix-Off.com allows users to upload their multi-track sessions or consolidated .wav files for other users to download and mix, re-mix, or play around with. Users are encouraged to upload their mixes so everyone can listen, comment, or give feedback.

Who owns Mix-Off.com?

Mix-Off is a division of Shrapnel Sound Studio.

Is it free?

Yes. In order to keep the cost as low as possible on our end, we currently use what we already have available to us. Utilizing the free Google Sites and Google Drive for upload/download.

Do I need an account?

You will need an email address to access our Google Drive folder. This will allow you to have permissions to upload/download. Discussions take place on our Google Groups page HERE.

Does Mix-Off.com supply their own songs?

Yes! On top of the user submitted songs we are also releasing songs we've recorded at Shrapnel Sound Studio. Some are in-studio while others were recorded from home. Most of these are already released tracks with the copyrights owned by the artists.

What genres will be available?

Everything! No specific genre required. We will upload several hard rock, metal, country, and hip-hop tracks plus the user-submitted tracks should make song selection pretty diverse.

Are there any rules or incentives?

As of now there are no rules or incentives but this will most likely change with each user submission. We encourage the users who submit their multi-tracks to come up with rules or guidelines if they wish and use the Group to set these up and provide feedback.

Incentives will most likely happen down the road with songs submitted by Mix-Off once we enough members take part in submitting mixes.

Upload Requirements:

Please consolidate all audio files. If supplying a DAW session such as Pro Tools, Logic, etc. please consolidate the audio inside the session. Label all tracks and files accordingly.

Zip the folder containing all audio files or session files before uploading.

Navigate to the Upload page and upload to the Google Drive. Be sure to post on our Mix-Off Group to let everyone know!

*Legal Stuff

Shrapnel Sound Studio/Mix-Off.com and their users provides these multi-track audio files and sessions for the sole purpose of entertainment and educational use only. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise explicitly stated and is strictly forbidden.

By downloading any song hereunder the user agrees to properly attribute all copyrights and credits to their original user.

If you would like to use your personal mix to showcase your work you may contact us to receive permission to be allowed to use it on your platform of choice. Ex: Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc..

Want to help?

As the site grows we will need volunteers to help out.

This could be anything from website development, marketing, file management, etc.

If this sounds like something you're interested in or like to provide feedback please reach out.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.